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Account Access is Available to Members!

We will be updating our Internet Banking Technology to include multi-factor authentication. This will strengthen our site and continue to keep members' information secure.

While the chances of identity theft or monetary loss are slim, there does exist active malicious entities on the internet that look to fraudulently gain from unsuspecting individuals. One of the most popular methods of fraud is through impersonating individuals during the login process. It is our intention to make this process as difficult as possible for these fraudsters while keeping your experience as hassle-free as possible.

Beginning December 1st, 2006 the first time you log into Account Access, you will log in as normal, then you will be presented with 6 "Challenge Questions" and we will email you a security token (access code) which is computer generated and is unique to all of our members. You will be required to enter this "Security Token" along with your original PIN# for all future access to your account.

Once you have answered the challenge questions you will not see them again unless you forget your "security token" or request a new "security token". At that time one of our six questions will pop up for you to answer before giving you a new "security token".

Log on to your Online Account through Account Access .

Now, you will have access to your account 24x7. Check balances, find out the amount of your last deposit, see what checks have cleared, or transfer money.

Drop by the credit union to sign up, or call us at 895-6880 and we be will glad to mail you the form for Online Account Access. Take advantage of this convenient new service.

Log on to your Online Account through Account Access .

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